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Build a Devpost clone with Meteor, from scratch! :-)

Devpost is like a social network for project hackers and makers.

We'll be coding the Devpost clone from scratch: https://github.com/Gitimd/gitimd - 24 hours, 2 continents, 4 developers (missing one more, join us!)

We did work on a similar project in the past, which we won't use for this hackathon for fair-play reasons: https://github.com/MeteorMTL/magnet

Looking to integrate https://atmospherejs.com/packages/socialize into the project to allow teams to follow projects

+ other/your ideas :)


  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Inspired by:

    - https://scotch.io/tutorials/building-a-slack-clone-in-meteor-js-getting-started
    - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml85Kvrz-5c - building a FB clone
    - https://github.com/meteorclub/twitter-clone

    Try to go through these tutorials before Saturday, to get a sense of the complexity of the project :)

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Awesome project!

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Nice one!!!

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Kaiyes - feel free to join, there's many pieces we can work on, just pick a feature you like, and have a go at it :)

    We can also start from scratch, e.g.:

    - team recruiting (devpost isn't great for this)
    - project definition (pre-hackathon)
    - social following
    - email notifications between hackathons

    I'm curious about the socialize packages, I think we can modify it to follow both teams AND individuals

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Here are a few other similar platforms (for inspiration - what to clone):

    - http://sparkboard.com/ - e.g. instance: hh-montreal.sparkboard.com
    - spark.fish
    - https://assembly.com/

    They all focus on quality projects. Our unique feature can be to focus on quality teams, e.g.: finding the right people to work with and get something done in a few weeks.

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Cool, i think we really need that kind of platform in our local Ukrainian market - a lot of hackathons going now here as whole our country is under huge changes.

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    OK that's fine but I just want you to know we're going to then build a clone of your clone, and then we expect you to clone our clone of your clone of us. :) -Brandon @devpost

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Thank you, Brandon, for showing that you care

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    @paul nice one ! are you still looking for more people ?

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Matthias - sure! Happy to have you join us - the more the marrier.

    Serhiy already started signing us up for the various office hours.

    One thing that's not totally clear yet is if we must package the app before the hackathon begins officially, as the rules suggest. Or maybe we can submit the delta only. Beginning and end commit?

    Also, a funny side-effect is that we're a global team, so end-to-end we'll be working on the Devpost clone for more than 24 hours ;)

    Does this mean I can't commit while you're PRing? I'm in Canada EDT, Serhiy is on EEST

    Find us on g-hangouts! paulcu@gmail.com

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Matthias, Serhiy and I decided to start building the Devpost clone from scratch.

    We're looking for one more team member!

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    And the Devpost clone is live: http://gitimd.meteor.com/

    Turns out it's not a clone of Devpost, rather, we noticed that finding team mates was a challenge before the hackathon, and we made it easier to form teams.

    Known bugs:
    - join team only works inside the team
    - next button to "tinder" your way through the differen teams doesn't work
    - if swiping right-to-left doesn't work, try resizing the window for the card system to pick up

    Thanks Serhiy, Matthias, David and Neyna (of sandstorm.io) for your wonderful contributions!

    We'll likely continue the project in the weeks ahead.

    Sleep time!

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Thank you Neyna. Your using a transparent cube as a placeholder is good positional positioning. Between the notches on a prehistoric bone or a stick, there's a space. But if there are three spaces it shows the notion of a complete absence in a series, zero as a "quantity" See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero:_The_Biography_of_a_Dangerous_Idea . Punchy visuals!

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Thank you Paul Serhiy Matthias for bringing me in as a process helper.
    (Hello world: the code is all from Serhiy Matthias and Paul.)

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    I see it working Tinder-like, after a settling time, on devices tested.

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Still needing help with this or did y'all get it finished?

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Rathius / Gary I see you can be helpful where this project needs it: fullstack to html5 css. Tks for reading http://devpost.com/software/gitimd-app-get-teamed-up

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Thanks David! I've bookmarked the link and will take a look later today. :)

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